Network Planning

  • Nominal Planning
  • Radio Network Planning
  • Transmission Planning
  • IP Planning
  • Core (Switch) Planning

The aim of Network Planning Services is to design a network with optimum investment from the operator, main focus is to cater their end users with enhanced services along with considering companies key deliverables.

 Network Optimization

  • Drive Test
  • Post Processing for Drive-test and OSS Statistics
  • RF Optimization / Analysis / Troubleshooting
  • OSS / DT KPI Analysis / Troubleshooting

Once your network has been implemented, we will be able to further optimize the network to increase its performance. With intense competition, both locally and globally together with the advent of mobile data services, mobile network operators and vendors continuously source for ways to achieve and maintain uptrend profitability by maintaining & improving User Experience.

Our Drive Test service types, complying with GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, WiMAX and LTE technologies are as follow:

  • KPIs and Benchmarking
  • Drive Test & Analysis
  • RVT / SSV
  • Testing New features / re-homing activities / BSS Swap
  • Testing due to parameter changes
  • Optimization Troubleshooting due to physical antenna adjustment – Customer Complaints investigation